by Staffan

Ever since I was young I've felt as though things aren't as they should be here on planet earth. As I grew up I started pondering more and more upon questions such as ; "why am I here?, what is the meaning of life?, why is everyone working like crazy, what is the system?, why are some starving while others are billionaires?, and why am I afraid so often...

Searching, I kept finding small signs, and hints everywhere, that I felt would eventually fit together as though in a jigsaw-puzzle. I felt as though I was being led, and even though people I thought where my friends and family kept telling me that I was on the wrong track, and recommended that I "get with the system", get an education, get a job, get a car, get a wife, two screaming kids and a dog, I felt I was on the right track.

Then finally, I found, (I thought, but was actually led to), the website titled "JAH "Home Page" - The Long-Awaited TRUTH of ALL Things on Planet Earth" which contains such a staggering amount of crystal clear information that I kept studying it for a long time (and still do). Not only was this the clearest, most sensible written information I had ever seen, it was having an effect of clearing my mind too.

I then ordered the book "The Way home or face The Fire". When it arrived I read it almost in one sitting, and indeed, just as it is written about the book, it was easy to read, but not easy to do as it says. I remember walking out in the street, sitting down, and feeling a great burden being lifted off my shoulders, and a constant fear departing, and FEELING God's presence. I wept with joy and thankfullness.

The Way home or face The Fire was the very key-piece of the puzzle, and put together it showed me more than I could ever had imagined.

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