Below you will find a collection of reviews and testimonials from readers who have enjoyed and benefitted from reading "The Way home or face The Fire" and wish to spread the word.

The Way of The Force

...I read it from front to back and knew instantly that my life was now going to be different. I had indeed declared war on Lucifer. I now needed to learn The Way of The Force...


Pure Joy

...I was blown away! Who knew that all of the answers to all of the questions I had ever asked were all together in one book, who would have thought that after my whole life of searching, at the exact and perfect timing God would reveal everything that I yearned to know....


It's an eye opener!

...I now know what's going on. and I will find my way home. and that's why I kept reading it...


Answered The Questions

...The messages/lessons that I learned from this book could not compare to the little I ever learned in public schools...



...I literally get revelations daily and you will too, if you will start from the beginning, persevere through it, believe and do the things that are shown to you...


Simply Great

...I just finished and have never read anything more enlighting, encouraging, rewarding, believing and I can't think of other words!!!!...


Just a quick testimony on TWH.

...Judy and I were both brought up Catholic, however we never really went to church. After 3 years of marriage we started going to what we thought was a Christian Church. It started with about 150 members and quickly grew to 1500 and that's when we saw the true colors of GREED and LOVE of MONEY among the Pastor and his cronies, and to see this church now growing to near 5000 shows how steeped in the delusion so many so called Christians are...



...I kept looking and looking for something without ever really realizing what it was that I was looking for. When I had exhausted virtually every remedy in our system, only to realize there wasn't a remedy (truth/justice), I was presented with "The Way Home or face The Fire". THERE I found what I had searched and searched for...all laid out in everyday, plain language, easy-to-understand English. TRUTH AT LAST!...


Ray's Testimony

...4 months ago I received an e-mail with the JAH Truth web-site as a link. I believe it was inspiration that led me to the Web-site. I read every document and finally ordered "The Way Home or face The Fire".

The best decision I ever made.


A holy scriptural foundation

...The disclosing, by the TWH, of the telepathic communication of my Father (my Ever Living Creator) and me had a tremendous impact on me, more so because of the trials and tribulations I have been through...


Labor of love

...Many theological scholars have indicated that the Bible is a road map to the Universe. This being the case, then the book, "The Way Home or face The Fire" is the index to that road map...


The Sleeper has Awakened

...I finished reading the book... And then finally I ACCEPTED the book and the site.

Suddenly I noticed, I was not watching TV, I was eating healthy, I was studying the site, I was praying, I was meditating, I was kinder, I became more selfless... I was doing the opposite of before (wasting my time and thinking about my"self")...



...Ever since I was young I've felt as though things aren't as they should be here on planet earth. As I grew up I started pondering more and more upon questions such as ; "why am I here?, what is the meaning of life?, why is everyone working like crazy, what is the system?, why are some starving while others are billionaires?, and why am I afraid so often...


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